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Why Bridge School

Our History

Established in 1993, in Beijing, China, the Bridge School has specialized in Mandarin teaching for almost 30 years. We have two campuses in Beijing to conduct in-person lessons: one is located at Lufthansa Embassy District, the other at Guomao CBD

Our Expertise

The Bridge School uses our own textbooks which were recognized and published by Beijing Language and Culture University. It includes three levels that gradually prepare our students to use Mandarin without barriers in daily situations

Our Team

The majority of our teachers have a degree in education, with 70% majored in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, and 30% in a second language. The medium language used in the class includes German, Japanese, Spanish, etc. All teachers are required to attend induction training, weekly teaching seminars, and specialized training for intermediate and advanced teachers

Our Curriculum

All lessons and lesson packages are tailored to individual needs. Our leading lesson is conducted via 1 on 1 which enhances efficiency and effectiveness. The Bridge School has never stopped improving teaching quality in order to provide the best service

HSK Test Center

The Bridge School is one of the government-designated HSK test centers. If you need to test your progress in Chinese learning, you are always welcomed to take HSK at our school

Teaching Methods

The Bridge School has dedicated to providing a fast, effective, and fun learning experience to our students. Our teachers ensure our students speak Mandarin over 60% of class time which maximizes learning outcomes. With high-efficiency lessons, students don’t need to spend much time studying after class

About Us

Welcome to The Bridge School - Chinese school in Beijing

The Bridge School, a Chinese language school, was established in 1993 in Beijing, China. Teaching approximately 5,000 students annually, the Bridge School has helped over 90,000 students worldwide learn Mandarin. It has consistently garnered the reputation of being the “best Chinese language school in Beijing” as voted by city weekend’s readers’ survey. It is accredited directly by the China Ministry of Education, the Educational Assessment Institution of Beijing, and the Chinese Association for Non-Government Education.

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